1. Check-in (on Battlefy) ends 10 minutes before the tournament's scheduled start time.
  2. Make sure you register on Matcherino. Prizes will be collected on Matcherino's site.
  3. If your team name falsely represents another team or an organization, you will be asked to change your team name. If you do not change your team name, you will be disqualified.
  4. If your team name is found to be offensive, you will be asked to change your team name. If you do not change your team name, you will be disqualified.
  5. Your team captain MUST join Discord and be connected throughout the tournament until your team is eliminated or completes the tournament. Your team will be disqualified immediately if your team captain is not on the Discord.
  6. Your team captain MUST be in the Discord for the briefing period (15 minutes before the tournament’s scheduled start time). Otherwise, your team will be disqualified immediately.
  7. Team Captains MUST join Discord with the name indicated on Battlefy. If we are unable to find you, your team will be disqualified from the tournament after 5 minutes.
  8. Team Captains MUST use the Battlefy chat (click on your match in the bracket) to organize their game. This includes the messaging of the server name and password to the competing team. The team on the “top” of the bracket will create the private match for a series.
  9. Teams may register up to 5 players on their roster (3 starters + 2 subs). If a sub is not registered on a team when check in closes, that person may not participate in the tournament.
  10. Teams are allowed to make substitutes ONLY between series. If any substitute is made during a series, that team will be disqualified.
  11. Teams must start a series with 3 players online and ready to join the server.
  12. If at any time during the tournament, a teammate is unable to participate or is not present, teams will have 5 minutes to locate one of their 2 registered substitutes. Otherwise, the team missing player(s) will forfeit the series.
  13. If a team being contacted does not reply within 5 minutes of first contact, they are immediately disqualified.
  14. If a team forfeits due to not having enough players or does not reply within 5 minutes, a screenshot will be required by the moderators with names of both teams' captains and a timestamp showing when the picture was taken to confirm the forfeit or disqualification of the team.
  1. The default map for play is DFH Stadium. Both team captains must agree to a map change.
  2. The default server for NA tournaments is US East. The default server for EU tournaments is EU. Both team captains must agree to a server change.
    1. EXCEPTION (NA ONLY): If a North American (USE | USW) or South American (SAM) team plays a Oceanic (OCE) or Asian (ASC) team, the server is US West.
  3. The default team colors must be used. The team colors may be changed if agreed upon by both team captains.
  4. “Trash talking” is to be kept within reasonable limits. Any comments made that are considered offensive in anyway are to be reported to a moderator and will be handled appropriately.
  5. Any exploitation or hacking results in suspension or banning from Shift Pro League tournaments at the moderators discretion.
  6. There will be no spectators allowed to watch over the matches except in the case the game is being streamed or a moderator is asked to watch over for result confirmation.
  7. If at any time you feel any team / player is breaking one of these rules, or you feel they are being unfair, contact a moderator and explain the situation. It will be dealt with.
  8. If a team member disconnects due to technical difficulties within the 1st minute of a game and the team down a member requests a restart, the game will be restarted. A player is given 5 minutes to reconnect. If they do not reconnect, a substitute will be allowed to play in their place. If the team does not have a registered substitute, the team will be disqualified.
  9. If both teams agree to a server change within the 1st minute of the game, the match will be restarted with a new server. If both teams agree to a server change between games of a series, a new server will be created.
  10. Split-screen is NOT ALLOWED.
  1. It is STRONGLY recommended that you save the replay for each game played in a round. If any conflicts arise and only one team can provide a replay for that match, the results will be based on that one replay alone. If no one can provide a replay, a rematch will ensue being over watched by a moderator.


Check-in begins an hour before the tourney start time. At that time, go to the tournament page and click the red "Check-in" button. You can make sure you are checked in by clicking the "Participants" tab. If you need further help, post a message in #help on Discord.
From the tournament page, click the "Brackets" tab. Then, find your match in the bracket and click on it. On this page, you should see a public and private chat. It's best to use the private chat to communicate lobby info to your opponents.
From the tournament page, click the "Brackets" tab. Then, find your match in the bracket and click on it. From there, you should be able to report and save your score.
No. If you want to add a sub after you have registered, post a message in the #help channel on Discord. Be aware that if this puts you over the 5 player limit, you will be asked to drop a player.

Your Battlefy Rocket League team is separate from the team that is registered for the tourney. When you register for the tourney, it copies your current Battlefy team to the Participants list. If you add members to your team after you have registered, they won't be listed in the Participants list.

The easiest solution is to leave the tourney and register again (only do this if the tourney is not full). You can also post a message in #help on Discord and a moderator will handle it.